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5/2/13: “Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and the Search for a Useable (Christian?) Past” By Professor Peter Lake

On Thursday 2 May, Prof. Peter Lake, University Distinguished Professor of History and Professor of the History of Christianity (Divinity School), at Vanderbilt University, will be speaking on


Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and the Search for a Useable (Christian?) Past


The talk will be in the British and Irish Studies Room of the Norlin Library (M519) at 5pm.

Some of Prof. Lake’s longer publications include The politics of the public sphere in early modern England  (co-edited 2007), Religious politics in post-reformation England: essays in honour of Nicholas Tyacke  (co-edited 2006), The Anti-Christ’s lewd hat: Protestants, Papists and players in post-Reformation England (2002), Politics, religion, and popularity in early Stuart Britain: essays in honour of Conrad Russell (co-edited 2002), The boxmaker’s revenge: ‘orthodoxy’, ‘heterodoxy’, and the politics of the parish in early Stuart London (2001), Conformity and orthodoxy in the English church, c. 1560-1660  (co-edited 2000), Culture and politics in early Stuart England  (co-edited 1993), Anglicans and Puritans?: Presbyterianism and English conformist thought from Whitgift to Hooker (1988), Moderate Puritans and the Elizabethan church (1982).

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